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2012 Make-up Trend: Going Au Naturale

Keep the rest of your make-up gear this yrear and stick to the essentials.

The “no make-up” make-up look is popular and timeless, but this year people from behind the scenes and in front of both the runway and the red carpet are going back to something more naked and natural. An NyTimes article reveals that most of the big names in the make-up industry are going for this trend. According to the same article, Terry Barber, director of makeup artistry for MAC cosmetics stated, “Perfection got slightly boring.” Did it really?

Predicting how long this trend will last is no exact science but this is totally good news for us commoners! Our lives are nothing like movies where we always have the perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect lips — you get the idea. Looking fabulous everyday is not exactly the main goal for our lives but this trend changes everything! We get to be “in” and, at the same time, just totally be carefree and natural. How awesome (and no to mention, convenient) is that? Imperfection is the new perfection, as the idea goes. It may sound like an oxymoron but hey, who are we to complain if people from Laura Mercier, Shiseido, and MAC say it is.

Forget about well groomed hair and think about something tousled. Keep those brow liners and lip liners away and go for tints and mineral make-up! Thinking of matte-ifying your face? Stop now,because glowy dewy skin is in! Here are some looks that you could try out yourself:


Natural cheeks with cheek tint!

Like the little monster said, cheek tints are a great way to get that natural flush. Think of how your cheeks look after exercising! If you’re not really in to tints, cream blushes can also produce the same kind of effect but with a wider color range.


This is called the popsicle!

This lip was spotted being donned on the runway and is called the “Popsicle mouth” by the Shiseido runway team. It does look like I just sucked on a Popsicle, right?


Shy away from color this year and go for just mascara

Forget about the extreme eye colors and go for something with texture! Opt for just one shimmery or glittery color on your lids. Better yet, for a more natural look just apply mascara and then curl your lashes.


Remember these when doing your hair: Tousled, wavy, and fun

A neat and close-to-perfect up-do is a no no in this trend. Messy, tousled and fun would be the words that you’re aiming for when doing your hair so keep that in mind.

 If you’ve been doing this since the start of the year, then consider yourself part of the in crowd. If you haven’t yet, or if you’re not that much of a make-up girl, then it’s your chance to be part of a unique trend that doesn’t require much technique and make-up gear. It’s also within the budget!

I don’t know about you but I am going to wear the “Popsicle mouth” everyday for as long as I can — or maybe just eat a real Popsicle. (wink*)

Mea Pabiona

Mea Pabiona

My name is Mea, a MewBlogger. In make-up, I believe in letting your creativity flow through your fingers and in never being afraid of color.

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