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Crushed Leaves Autumn Nails Tutorial

Autumn Leaves Nail Tutorial

Gosh I like nails! You will very likely notice that yourself once I’m done here. The thing with nails is, you can do pretty much anything with them and can play with colors, textures, moods and so much more. To me, they mostly stand for a mood or the way I feel. Could also explain why I change them up every other day.

Since autumn has hit full on, and so has the autumn mood, I decided to create a bit of autumn on my nails. I usually don’t stick leafs on my nails, but this time I found it to be necessary. You can only do so much with colors. In the end, browns and golds can be used at any time of the year, but the dry leafs only come around once.

So, without further ado, here’s what you too can do:

Autumn Leaves Nail Tutorial 2

First Up: Collect your leafs and tear them into little pieces. I admit there’s not that many dead leaves lying around just yet, so I just got one type. But I highly recommend getting all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, it makes for a much cooler manicure!

Secondly: Pick your polish. I went with Catrice – In the Bronx because it’s all autumny and gives a really nice bronze effect.

Thirdly: As your polish is still wet, carefully place pieces of your leafs on your nails. You need the polish to be wet so that they can stick properly. Push them down with a toothpick or something else that has a small tip.

Then: If you have some matching glitter, dab it on the sides of each piece of foliage so that it looks like that’s what’s keeping them in place. In fact, it will indeed also keep them better in place and it looks very pretty.

And Lastly: Top Coat It! I suggest a thicker top coat if you have one, if not, just put two layers of a normal one on top for everything to come together and shine.

And Voila! This is what you will end up with!

Autumn Leaves Nail Tutorial

I was so flattered to receive an e-mail from the lovely Sue Lin where she asked if I’d like to do a guest post for all of you to see. There was no way I was going to say no to that, as you can imagine! Let me introduce myself.

Author Bio

My name is Joanna and I run a little blog called The Treasure Chest for a bit over 3 months now. It’s basically a beauty blog, but I like to write about all that makes beauty happen. From a delicious little cupcake that gives you a beautiful grin, to the cure for tired eyes after too much grinning and to well… nails!

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  1. Sue Lin
    Sue Lin
    October 6, 2012, 8:48 am

    Your nails are so warm and beautiful, Joanna! I love how simple, and creative this look is. It feel really organic too.

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