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Easy and Bold Temporary Hair Color- Hair Chalking Tutorial

Easy and Bold Temporary Hair Color- Hair Chalking Tutorial

It was only this year that I experienced the joys of hair coloring. It wasn’t really a “bold” color nor could I consider it a “big change”. It was about three to four shades lighter than my , at the time, current hair color — think auburn. Not a big deal.

These recent months, a lot of my Facebook friends were posting pictures of their newly colored hairs. Two of my said friends changed their hair color every other week or so — which was insane considering that they were making use of colors like pink, purple, turquoise and etc.

And so, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I can just try out the colors and then wash them off when I don’t like them?” The timing was just right when I came across hair chalking totally by coincidence.


Hair Chalking

— (noun) The act of temporarily coloring ones hair with the use of water, chalk and a flat iron.

From the definition I just created, you’ll find that those are the only materials you’ll be needing. The “dye” will only be temporary too and the color will last depending on the technique you’ve used when you applied it.

Important things to remember:

  • The chalk will stain your fingers so if you mind that type of thing then wear gloves.
  • If you want more control with the water, use a spritzer. I used a small bowl with water to dip the hair in.
  • It will take a bit of time to get the chalk unto your hair so be patient.
  • Do not rush and iron your hair right away. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • Get ready to clean your flat iron.

We will be doing 5 really simple steps today for hair chalking:

Step 1

Separate a section of your hair to color. Grouping hair in small sections and coloring them one at a time will work.

Step 2

Take some water and dampen your hair with it. You only have to dampen the part where you want the color to be. The wetter the hair the more chalk color will stick to it so if you have blonde hair (light), you might want to just spritz the water. If you have dark hair like me then go for it.

Step 3

Twist the section of your hair. This allows better application. Make sure to get the color on the parts where you want it to stay on.

Step 4

Let it dry for a while. While that sits, do the other sections of your hair. If you only want to do one section then that’s alright. It really depends on you and your creativity.

Step 5

To seal the color in, use a flat iron and iron the section that you colored. This step will ensure that the color lasts longer.

I hope you guys did alright. I would suggest sporting this look on Prom Night, on going to the movies with friends or even just when you go out for coffee.

Tell us about your hair chalking experience.


Mea Pabiona

Mea Pabiona

My name is Mea, a MewBlogger. In make-up, I believe in letting your creativity flow through your fingers and in never being afraid of color.

Mea Pabiona

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