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Price: US$18.95
Amount: 5g
Made in England

Lush Charm Lipstick Review

Our Rating
Good: Vegan, short ingredients, good staying power. doubles as blush easily, greener than most lipsticks, cute bottle
Bad: Common manufacturing problems with applicator, drying so it requires prior lip treatments
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  • A sweet babydoll pink liquid lipstick with natural oil and waxes. Doubles as a cheek tint.
  • Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera), Titanium Dioxide, Rose Wax (Rosa damascena),Mica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, CI73360, CI77947, CI45410.
  • Apply on lips with the doe foot applicator. Dot on cheeks and blend to get your desired finish.
  • At Lush online and off line stores.

Let me start off by saying that I like LUSH a LOT. Knowing that they started producing their own colored makeup, Emotional Brilliance, was like finding out Walt Disney  now makes Star Wars. Just like every other Lushie, I was over the moon ogling at all their cute apothecary vials of vibrant colors.Lush Charm review 1

Not until I opened my little bottle of Charm. Any prior excitement was transformed into disappointment when I opened the vial to find a plastic rod drenched with pink liquid. Where did the doe-foot applicator go? I had to go back to exchange for a new one. It’s very important to check the tip before you buy their Emotional Brilliance range.

Lush Charm review 2

Charm is a lovely Sakura light pink— a baby doll, cool toned pink. It’s the kind of nude pink to pair with dark smokey eyes like MAC Creme Cup and Real Doll. On the lips, Charm is a milky, chalky pink, very much on the opaque side. Great for going Gyaru or doing a Nicki Minaj look. Although, the closer color for Minaj’s lipstick will be Lush’s Glamorous, a true bubblegum pink. It can well pass as a natural blush or nude lip.

Lush Charm lipstick formula is also thicker and drier than their other lip colors so be sure to scrub and moisturize your lips prior to using. I made the mistake of wearing it before doing so and it emphasized flakes on my lips. Not an appealing sight…enough to invoke a curious dude-are-you-ill look from concerned folks.

Lush Charm review 4

Lush Charm’s lasting power on the lips is around 2-3 hours with licking and eating. It’s not as lasting as the redder colors in Lush’s Emotional Brilliance range. While It lasts longer than most hydrating lipsticks, it’s not as lasting when compared to Lush’s spectrum of colors in their lipstick range. I think it has to do with the zinc and titanium oxide blend to make it the product more opaque.

As a cheek tint, Lush Charm is a charm to use. The oils make this more blend-able than Benefit’s cheek/lip stains as they take a little looker to set. You’ll have a little bit more time to set your blush tint. As a blush, it looks lovely on light, neutral to cool skin tones. Charm’s rather pigmented and stays on the cheeks for 4 hours which makes it a great blush base. Topping over with pink powdered blush would prolong the wear time.

Lush Charm review 3

The real deal sealer for me is their really short ingredient list. Lovely conditioning oils and waxes are used—Jojoba oil, Candelilla and Rose waxes. Sure, there’s two sythethic dyes and unpronounceable Fluorphlogopite but other than that, all looks garden nice.

Would I buy Charm again? Maybe, I’m smittened by how well this works as a cheek tint but not so much on the lips as it is rather drying. The glass bottles, while pretty to look at, aren’t that practical for traveling either. It does make me feel more like a Wicca-dabbling witch though.

Lush Charm Lipstick Review , 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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