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Makeup for Special Occasions

Date night or Prom Makeup

Date night, prom or a special night out, these occasions call for an extra touch of glam to your makeup routine.With so many makeup looks to choose from either a natural red lip color or a sultry smoky eye look, for a special occasion you can go natural or playfully glamorous! You definitely do not want to step out of the house with a ton of makeup on your face and have it smudge through the night, especially if you are planning on dancing.

So let’s start off with the basics for a makeup for special occasions.


Benefit The POREfessional

Using a foundation primer will help to keep your foundation in place through all the sweating, especially if you are living in a hot climate. A primer will also help to smooth out any pores or fine lines on your face for an even application of foundation.


Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

A natural finish foundation that has a light to medium coverage is a safe choice for a natural finish makeup look. Simply buff the foundation into your skin using a sponge to blend the product into your jaw and neckline.


Too Faced Candlelight Highlight Powder

Using a powder highlight on certain areas of you face can bring a luminescent glow to your look.You want to choose a highlight shade that matches your undertone, if you have a warm undertone than opt for a peachy tone highlight, same goes with pink undertone skin go for a pinkish highlight shade. You want to pick a highlight that is finely milted. Why, you may ask? Using a finly milted highlight can look natural and will blend into your skin with you looking like a disco ball.

You want to to apply your highlight in a few key areas such as your tear duct along with the highest part of your cheekbones. For an added fuller lip, apply a bit on your cupids bow.


Smashbox Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette

If there is a part of your face that you want to play up, it should be your eyes. Using different shades of plums or grey can bring a sultry look to your night out. You can play it safe and go for neutrals but what’s the fun in that!

Stat by defining your upper lash line with a pencil eyeliner, you can go for shades of navy blue, dark green and even grey that will help gives your eyes a bit of a pop. Add a bit of that same eyeliner to your lower lash line to define your eyes. If you want to add a bit of volume to your lashes, use a black eyeliner and slightly smudge it on your upper lash line closest to the roots of you lashes. Finish off with a lengthening and volumizing mascara for that added flirty look.

To add a bit of boost to your lashes, false lashes are great for giving your lashes a bit of boost. Individual eyelashes are perfect for the most natural look. Simple apply them on the ends of your natural lashline.


Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

You want to keep everything simple so that you won’t have to do a ton of touch ups, the last thing you want is for a sexy red lip to be smeared all around your lips after a bit of kissing. For a more natural makeup look, go for a lip stain. It’s the easiest way to achieve a naturally red berry crushed lip without having it look too uninviting. Deep lipstick shades will end up fading after eating and drinking and you don’t want a bunch of sticky lip gloss all over your date’s lips do you!? With a lip stain you can be sure that your lip color will be kiss-proof through the night. We love using the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, these chubby sticks are great for that sexy pucker with the added lip balm moisture.

That is it to complete your night out makeup look! Note: All of the mentioned products can be purchased at sephora.com

Until Next time, Stay beautiful!

Sidrah N.

Sidrah N.

Sidrah is a content writer, with a passion for makeup and the beauty world. She has been a beauty blogger for more than a year. She believes makeup can transform not only outer beauty but your state-of-mind.

Sidrah N.

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