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Makeup Tutorial of Gold and Green Cut Crease

Gold and Green Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I’m sure we have all seen a dramatic cut crease makeup look, I absolutely love this type of makeup look. Now me being self taught at makeup, I have been trying to get better at this particular makeup look because it is very tricky. A cut crease makeup look is a really defined... Read More »

Electric Blue and Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Learn to create a Electric Blue Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I am back with another fun makeup tutorial for the week. For this week I am going to Create a Electric Blue Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial. This look is using a bright blue and silver and then I added some dimension using a dark green shadow. So let’s get this Makeup Mew Tutorial... Read More »

Today I'm showing you how to do a cat eye eyeliner look!

Cats Eye Eyeliner Tutorial

Cats eye eyeliner is one of those trends in makeup that can pretty much be classified as a classic. When done correctly, it opens up your eye and accents it perfectly. It also adds a touch of glamour to any look. If you do neutral eyeshadow and a cats eye, then wear it with a beautiful red lipstick,... Read More »

Picture of Eyes with Various Colors of Neon Eyeliner

Neon Eyeliner + Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial

This summer, one of my favorite trends has been the neon/nude phenomenon. After trying it in everything from shoes to nail polish, I finally realized that one of the best ways to incorporate this look is into my makeup! To create my own neon/nude look, I used neon eyeliner, a shimmering highlighter,... Read More »

Pretty in Pink Neutral Makeup Tutorial Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow

Pretty in Pink Neutral Makeup Tutorial!

As much as I love wearing bright makeup, it’s not the best look for daytime makeup. We all love bright blue and green eyeshadows but we can use color during the day and not have it be so bold! For work, everyone I know uses either the Urban Decay Naked Palette or a pair of neutral brown shadows. W... Read More »

Image of bright eyeshadow shades

How to add Colour to your Makeup Palette

I’m a huge fan of bright eyeshadow, perhaps because neutral shades such as browns and pale shades tend to make me look like I’ve been beaten up, or not had enough sleep. Or it’s more likely because I just love colour. I love experimenting and playing around with different shades, a... Read More »

Some people find this brand carries a lot of good mascaras!

Choosing the Right Mascara for You

In the world of mascaras, there truly are a million and one choices. No doubt mascara is one of the products that women can hardly live without, and to be honest I can see why. I used to think that I could only achieve those amazing, full lashes with a pair of great falsies. Turns out I could get th... Read More »

How to Create Different Eyeliner Effects

How to Create Different Eyeliner Effects

If I had to choose only one kind of make-up in the world, it would have to be eyeliner. I’ve found that no matter how much eye make-up I put on my lids, or how much mascara on my lashes, nothing compares to a little cosmetic definition near the lash line. Perhaps this is because of my Asian eyes, ... Read More »

Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

I have very fair skin and it is a feature that I am normally happy with. However, during the warm, summer months, I start to feel pale next to the crowds of people with tan, glowing skin. Because of my fair skin, I can’t tan without turning red as MAC lipstick and peeling, so I have to create ... Read More »

Ooh la la, my brown eyed girl!

Brown Eyes: Far From Average

Some people assume brown eyes to be fairly average, but they are an incredibly versatile feature to possess. If you have brown eyes and want to find ways to make brown eyes stand out, you’ll have to do some investigation to find what’s right for you. First, if you have brown eyes it’s importan... Read More »

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