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Ay-ay-Eyes: An Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

Ay-ay-Eyes: An Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

As everyone knows, the eyes are the window to the soul. Because of that, I consider my eyes to be one, if not the, most important features to focus on when I’m making up my face. So to make sure they wind up flawless and to also eliminate any fallout from the shadows blending into my foundation, I... Read More »

Pastel Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Pastel Smokey Eyes Tutorial

This pastel smokey eye makeup is super easy to do and it’s a fun and ideal eye makeup to wear during the summer when you’re dancing away at a beach club or at a bonfire party with your friends. Step 1 After prepping your eyelids with a primer, pack on a mint or sea foam green eye shadow ... Read More »

Easy Work Eye Makeup Tutorial Featured Image

Easy Everyday Work Eye Makeup Tutorial

Looking good is sometimes part of the job. But if you’re like me and you can hardly drag yourself out of bed most days, spending time on your makeup routine is a luxury that you can’t always afford. Having a go-to everyday work look that you can do in a rush is quite important, which is ... Read More »

Image of a variety of common make up brushes

Understanding Make Up Brushes

If you’re fairly new to wearing make up (or even if you’re not), the chances are that you have found yourself stood in the make up aisle, at some point, and stared for a prolonged period of time, at the assortment of make up brushes, getting more and more confused about what they are,... Read More »

Keep the rest of your make-up gear this yrear and stick to the essentials.

2012 Make-up Trend: Going Au Naturale

The “no make-up” make-up look is popular and timeless, but this year people from behind the scenes and in front of both the runway and the red carpet are going back to something more naked and natural. An NyTimes article reveals that most of the big names in the make-up industry are goin... Read More »

How to create a teal blue smokey eye look

How to Create a Teal Smokey Eye

A dark smoldering smoky eye is a classic and sexy look perfect all year around. For a date night or out to a formal event. We all love seeing celebrities sparkle on the red carpet with a smoky eye, so why not amp up the classic smoky eye by pairing it with a pop of color? Using shades of deep carbon... Read More »

picture of eye with brown smokey eye makeup

Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

A brown smokey eye is one of the most versatile eye makeup styles as it can be worn during the day at work or at a club in the evening, depending on the shades and styles used. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a classic brown smokey eye and how to transform it from neutral day to dazz... Read More »

How to Wear a Bold Orange Lip Color

How to Wear a Bold Orange Lip Color

Red on the lips is not the only way people are making a statement this year. Bolder, more colorful and more playful colors are being used and one of those is a bold orange lip color! It’s been spotted worn by people both on the runway and the red carpet. Join in on the trend by wearing somethi... Read More »

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