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Date night or Prom Makeup

Makeup for Special Occasions

Date night, prom or a special night out, these occasions call for an extra touch of glam to your makeup routine.With so many makeup looks to choose from either a natural red lip color or a sultry smoky eye look, for a special occasion you can go natural or playfully glamorous! You definitely do n... Read More »

Learn how to apply concealer

Learn How To Use Concealers

Believe it or not, foundation is not the key to creating a flawless canvas for your makeup. For a flawless makeup look, your blemishes, scars and dark circles are the first imperfections that should be concealed properly before even thinking about foundation. In this blog post I will be talking ab... Read More »

Mila Kunis Makeup Tutorial

Mila Kunis Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a Mila Kunis makeup tutorial. Before anything else, I’d just ilke to say that I’m fully aware that I do not look anything like Mila Kunis. She is a goddess. I, unfortunately, am not. I’m just trying out the same makeup techniques on myself. Now, let... Read More »

Doing MAC’s “Hey Sailor” Pin-up Look

Doing MAC’s “Hey Sailor” Pin-up Look

Hey Sailor! Come here often? (Wink*) MAC is joining in on the Pin-up trend with their release of the new Hey Sailor Collection. It’s the 21st century but this just proves that some looks will always be timeless classics that people will go back to. Let’s do that today and learn how to do... Read More »

Read more to find out what mineral makeup can do for you

Mineral Makeup Benefits: Why you should try it once!

A lot of people these days – this may include you – opt for the healthier things in life: healthier food options, regular exercise, less caffeine, etc. It’s the “well living” revolution and it’s not just the eating or the exercising that has changed. You’ll find that usual cosmetic pro... Read More »

The Bold Pink and Smokey Eye Look

Kim Kardashian Inspired: Smokey Eye + Bold Pink Lip

Pink is now the new red, all thanks to the ever so fabulous Kim Kardashian that donned this look in many of her photoshoots and in many of her photos captured by the paparazzi. She’s always been known as a trend-setter, not only in the fashion world but also in make-up. Commonly, we should ... Read More »

Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

I have very fair skin and it is a feature that I am normally happy with. However, during the warm, summer months, I start to feel pale next to the crowds of people with tan, glowing skin. Because of my fair skin, I can’t tan without turning red as MAC lipstick and peeling, so I have to create ... Read More »

How to Apply Invisible Make-Up

How to Apply Invisible Make-Up

How to Apply Invisible Make-up I’m a firm believer in using make-up only to enhance one’s natural beauty. While I understand the need for the more theatrical make-up at times, any woman should know how to put on make-up without it seeming too obvious. Steps: Always cleanse, tone, moisturize and ... Read More »

Pictures of Kinds or Types of Makeup Foundations

The Different Types of Makeup Foundations

We are not all the same. One particular difference that makes all of us unique from each other is the fact that we all have different skin types. After all, cosmetics companies manufacture several different kinds of foundations simply because there are different types of skin. I personally think tha... Read More »

Image of a variety of common make up brushes

Understanding Make Up Brushes

If you’re fairly new to wearing make up (or even if you’re not), the chances are that you have found yourself stood in the make up aisle, at some point, and stared for a prolonged period of time, at the assortment of make up brushes, getting more and more confused about what they are,... Read More »

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