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Autumn Leaves Nail Tutorial

Crushed Leaves Autumn Nails Tutorial

Gosh I like nails! You will very likely notice that yourself once I’m done here. The thing with nails is, you can do pretty much anything with them and can play with colors, textures, moods and so much more. To me, they mostly stand for a mood or the way I feel. Could also explain why I change... Read More »

finished look of Ombre nails tutorial

Ombre Nails Tutorial

I love doing nail art, especially during those lazy summer days! However, some styles can be difficult and some require special tools. I like to do nails that are easy to do but have a bold impact! My favorite way to do my nails is with an ombre nails manicure. It’s really easy to do, but it&#... Read More »

Image of the London 2012 Logo

Top 5 London 2012 Nail Art Looks

As London 2012 draws to a close, I was keen to blog about the games, perhaps because they took place in my home country, a fact that I am incredibly proud of (I certainly don’t think that I have ever held such an interest for the Olympics, in my entire life, and I really do not know what IR... Read More »

Grey nail polish brightened up with twinkles

How to Make a Dull Nail Polish Sparkle

Most of us have at least one bottle of nail polish that we never wear, because it’s too “dull” or “boring”. Or perhaps it’s a shade that you’re just not too keen on. But, it always seems like such a waste to never use it and eventually throw it away. This ne... Read More »