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Mineral Makeup Benefits: Why you should try it once!

Read more to find out what mineral makeup can do for you

A lot of people these days – this may include you – opt for the healthier things in life: healthier food options, regular exercise, less caffeine, etc. It’s the “well living” revolution and it’s not just the eating or the exercising that has changed. You’ll find that usual cosmetic products have also been replaced with ones that are labeled as “Mineral”.

What’s the difference?

Preservatives, mineral oil, chemical dyes, parabens and fragrance – these are the ingredients that you would normally find listed on the back of your usual makeup products. A lot of the mineral makeup products don’t have these thus making it less likely to cause an irritation which brings us to:

Mineral makeup benefit #1: It’s less likely to cause you breakouts and it’s great for people with sensitive skin! Try mineral makeup at least once, if you’re the type of person that has not tried to put on makeup because of the risk of break outs.

Mineral makeup benefit #2: It does not have oil so it won’t make your skin look like it’s all lubed-up. It’s a good matte-ifyer if you need that emergency “fix” especially on your t-zone. So, try mineral makeup at least once if you have oily skin!

Try mineral makeup once if you have oily skin!

Using it continually

Mineral makeup benefits are numerous but you won’t be able to see it appear before your very eyes instantaneously – unless the product says otherwise. Continually using mineral makeup will – believe it or not – reduce redness and even puffiness.

Mineral makeup benefit #3: Try mineral makeup at least once if you have sensitive or irritated skin. It contains an above average amount of zinc oxide which is the same ingredient found in some sunblocks and diaper rash ointments.

Skin Protection

Other than the mineral makeup’s anti-inflammatory effects, it could also give you a bit of SPF.

Mineral makeup benefit #4: The Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide contained in most mineral makeup will lead to a minimal amount of sun protection when applied regularly. Try mineral makeup at least once so you can partner it with any cream that you’re using for sun protection.

IMPORTANT: If you’re going to the beach, just mineral makeup won’t be enough. You need something with a higher SPF to protect your skin from the blazing Mr. Sun.

So it’s all good and no bad?

Always check the label of your cosmetics to be sure!

The truth is, not all mineral makeup is purely “mineral”; if you know what I mean. Most companies claim that something is organic or mineral even when they have nearly the same kind of ingredients as regular cosmetics.

TIP: One sure fire way of NOT getting your skin in trouble when choosing mineral makeup is, the longer the ingredients list, the riskier it is. It actually kind of rhymes and its catchy enough to remember, don’t you think?

The longer the ingredients list, the riskier it is for your skin

The other truth is, most mineral makeup come in powder which can be a problem if you have dry skin. You could look for a formula that’s hydrating or better yet, use a moisturizer underneath.

Wrapping it up!

Finally, to wrap things up, mineral makeup is something that you can try when you’re a first timer. It has long term benefits on your skin plus a mildly added SPF. It’s less irritating and has anti-inflammatory effects! You might want to try out:

  • Bare Escentuals
  • MAC Mineralize Line
  • Everyday Minerals
  • Maybelline Power Minerals Line
Try Maybelline's Mineral Power cosmetics!

Hope you found this informative and remember: The longer the list, the riskier it is! (wink*)

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