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Jangsara Transformers' eye makeup tutorial

Red, Hot Transformers’ Inspired Eye

We love how Jangsara plays with fire: blue, red and orange flames with a strong red brow. Check out Jangsara’s comprehensive step-by-step Transform and Roll out Tutorial. Time to turn up the heat! Read More »

taylor_swift_makeup_tutorial main

Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial

Taylor Swift is one of the many famous young artists who has truly developed her own sense of style, which many girls want to emulate. She has become known for her quirky attitude, fun floral dresses, and a fairly signature makeup look. Whether you are a fan of her music or not, you have to admit th... Read More »

Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial Main

Rainbow Eyeliner Tutorial

Sometimes you don’t feel like the average, everyday eye makeup. Especially for a special occasion, it’s fun to experiment with color and play around with makeup! This rainbow eyeliner tutorial will teach you how to create a dramatic and fun eye makeup look, perfect for Spring! Step 1 Start off b... Read More »

lum Fairy Makeup Tutorial 4

Sugarplum Fairy Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! My name is Emily Jane and I normally write for The Glitter Vixen but I’m super honoured to be writing this guest post for Makeup Mew today. For this post, I thought I’d try out something a little new and do a makeup tutorial. I have called my look “Sugarplum Fairy” because th... Read More »

Nicole Scherzinger Makeup Tutorial – Easy Smokey Eye Look

Nicole Scherzinger Makeup Tutorial – Easy Smokey Eye Look

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to do an easy smokey eye look such as the one Nicole Scheringer wears because it’s perfect for the holiday season if you want to feel a bit more glammed up! 1. Prep your face with your favorite moisturizer and leave it to set for a few minutes. Mine w... Read More »

Easy and Bold Temporary Hair Color- Hair Chalking Tutorial

Easy and Bold Temporary Hair Color- Hair Chalking Tutorial

It was only this year that I experienced the joys of hair coloring. It wasn’t really a “bold” color nor could I consider it a “big change”. It was about three to four shades lighter than my , at the time, current hair color — think auburn. Not a big deal. These ... Read More »

Finished-How to Do a Smokey Eye with 1 Color

How to Do a Smoky Eye with One Color

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, you won’t have the time to experiment with a lot of eyeshadow colors. What do you do when you don’t have time and inclination to play with multiple palettes but still need to look all glam up? Why not try a smokey eye with just one color of eyeshadow? In this ... Read More »

Natural, Fresh-faced Tutorial with Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Eyes Wide Open Brightening Duo

Natural, Fresh-faced Tutorial with Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Eyes Wide Open Brightening Duo

Today, we have a guest post from the lovely ladies of BFF Beauty Blog, Jenni and Kristin. In this tutorial, Jenni will be teaching us how to achieve a fresh, natural and wide-eyed look with Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Eyes Wide Open Brightening DuoNatural, Fresh-faced Tutorial with Rouge Bunny Rouge’s E... Read More »

This tutorial will teach you on how to emphasize your eyes more.

The Adele Make-up Tutorial

Adele’s look at the Grammy’s was just so timeless that I just had to do a tutorial here in MakeupMew. A lot of celebs have been doing the look too, not just Adele, so I thought, “Let’s set fire to the rain and do this! ” And you know what the best thing is about this lo... Read More »

Autumn Leaves Nail Tutorial

Crushed Leaves Autumn Nails Tutorial

Gosh I like nails! You will very likely notice that yourself once I’m done here. The thing with nails is, you can do pretty much anything with them and can play with colors, textures, moods and so much more. To me, they mostly stand for a mood or the way I feel. Could also explain why I change... Read More »

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