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Image of the London 2012 Logo

Top 5 London 2012 Nail Art Looks

As London 2012 draws to a close, I was keen to blog about the games, perhaps because they took place in my home country, a fact that I am incredibly proud of (I certainly don’t think that I have ever held such an interest for the Olympics, in my entire life, and I really do not know what IR... Read More »

Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial + Makeup Tips

Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial + Makeup Tips

I have never seen anyone consistent with a specific look other Ms. Dita Von Teese. She almost always wears jet black eyeliner, winged outward, and a red lip. It’s her signature look! Some may call it the pin-up look, or the old Hollywood look but bottom line is, it’s gorgeous and it̵... Read More »

Learn how to apply concealer

Learn How To Use Concealers

Believe it or not, foundation is not the key to creating a flawless canvas for your makeup. For a flawless makeup look, your blemishes, scars and dark circles are the first imperfections that should be concealed properly before even thinking about foundation. In this blog post I will be talking ab... Read More »

Electric Blue and Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

Learn to create a Electric Blue Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I am back with another fun makeup tutorial for the week. For this week I am going to Create a Electric Blue Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial. This look is using a bright blue and silver and then I added some dimension using a dark green shadow. So let’s get this Makeup Mew Tutorial... Read More »

Today I'm showing you how to do a cat eye eyeliner look!

Cats Eye Eyeliner Tutorial

Cats eye eyeliner is one of those trends in makeup that can pretty much be classified as a classic. When done correctly, it opens up your eye and accents it perfectly. It also adds a touch of glamour to any look. If you do neutral eyeshadow and a cats eye, then wear it with a beautiful red lipstick,... Read More »

Mila Kunis Makeup Tutorial

Mila Kunis Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be doing a Mila Kunis makeup tutorial. Before anything else, I’d just ilke to say that I’m fully aware that I do not look anything like Mila Kunis. She is a goddess. I, unfortunately, am not. I’m just trying out the same makeup techniques on myself. Now, let... Read More »

Image of how Emma Stone typically looks

Makeup in Film: Emma Stone

C’mon, admit it ladies, we all have our Celebrity Girl Crushes. For me, recently it has been the incredibly beautiful Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame. However, another talented young lady has really been setting our screens alight (perhaps not quite as literally as Lawrence’s char... Read More »

Doing MAC’s “Hey Sailor” Pin-up Look

Doing MAC’s “Hey Sailor” Pin-up Look

Hey Sailor! Come here often? (Wink*) MAC is joining in on the Pin-up trend with their release of the new Hey Sailor Collection. It’s the 21st century but this just proves that some looks will always be timeless classics that people will go back to. Let’s do that today and learn how to do... Read More »

Picture of Eyes with Various Colors of Neon Eyeliner

Neon Eyeliner + Nude Lip Makeup Tutorial

This summer, one of my favorite trends has been the neon/nude phenomenon. After trying it in everything from shoes to nail polish, I finally realized that one of the best ways to incorporate this look is into my makeup! To create my own neon/nude look, I used neon eyeliner, a shimmering highlighter,... Read More »

Lead in Makeup – How to Test for Lead in Makeup

Lead in Makeup – How to Test for Lead in Makeup

What is Lead? Lead is a harmful heavy metal commonly used in construction, weights, bullets, batteries, fusible alloys and many more. After a certain point of contact, it becomes poisonous to both humans and animals. It causes a variety of disorders and diseases relate to the blood, brain and nervou... Read More »

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