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Read more to find out what mineral makeup can do for you

Mineral Makeup Benefits: Why you should try it once!

A lot of people these days – this may include you – opt for the healthier things in life: healthier food options, regular exercise, less caffeine, etc. It’s the “well living” revolution and it’s not just the eating or the exercising that has changed. You’ll find that usual cosmetic pro... Read More »

A Picture of a Woman Applying Sunscreen

Sun Protection Without Clogged Pores: Makeup With SPF

During the summer, it is especially important to find ways to protect your skin from harmful sun damage. However, I find that many sunscreens and cosmetics with SPF clog pores and cause breakouts. In this article you will find an array of makeup with SPF that both protect against UV rays and are gen... Read More »

Knowing When to Throw Out Your Make-Up and Why You Should Do It

Knowing When to Throw Out Your Make-Up and Why You Should Do It

Throwing out your make-up after some time is a necessary evil. These products were created to stay fresh only for a short period of time. Past that point, you’re putting your skin at risk for allergies, breakouts and mild poisoning. Double Check! Most products nowadays come stamped with either an ... Read More »

Pretty in Pink Neutral Makeup Tutorial Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow

Pretty in Pink Neutral Makeup Tutorial!

As much as I love wearing bright makeup, it’s not the best look for daytime makeup. We all love bright blue and green eyeshadows but we can use color during the day and not have it be so bold! For work, everyone I know uses either the Urban Decay Naked Palette or a pair of neutral brown shadows. W... Read More »

Swirl, swirl, swirl!

How to Deep Clean Your Brushes with Baby Shampoo

Most of the time, people like to use actual brush cleaners in order to clean their brushes. There are many different types of brush cleaners like spray cleaners and soaks, some of which can be bought from some brands. They work well enough, but if you are looking for a way to save on money and clean... Read More »

Image of bright eyeshadow shades

How to add Colour to your Makeup Palette

I’m a huge fan of bright eyeshadow, perhaps because neutral shades such as browns and pale shades tend to make me look like I’ve been beaten up, or not had enough sleep. Or it’s more likely because I just love colour. I love experimenting and playing around with different shades, a... Read More »

How to get the perfect red lip

Achieve The Perfect Red Lips

I really can’t say enough amazing things about Red Lipsticks! I love ’em, they are the easiest and fool proof way to achieve a glamorous look. Its bold, its daring and it screams ultra-lux! For today’s blog I will be talking about the best way to achieve the perfect red lips. Wi... Read More »

Some people find this brand carries a lot of good mascaras!

Choosing the Right Mascara for You

In the world of mascaras, there truly are a million and one choices. No doubt mascara is one of the products that women can hardly live without, and to be honest I can see why. I used to think that I could only achieve those amazing, full lashes with a pair of great falsies. Turns out I could get th... Read More »

How to Create Different Eyeliner Effects

How to Create Different Eyeliner Effects

If I had to choose only one kind of make-up in the world, it would have to be eyeliner. I’ve found that no matter how much eye make-up I put on my lids, or how much mascara on my lashes, nothing compares to a little cosmetic definition near the lash line. Perhaps this is because of my Asian eyes, ... Read More »

Image of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman

Make up in Film: Catwoman

So many girls and women wear make up as a mask to hide their insecurities, however, I believe that make up should be used as a weapon, for highlighting our best features, and enhancing our natural beauty. In film, make up has long been used to create everything from the sexy, smouldering looks of El... Read More »

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