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How to Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Type

How to Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Type

There are many blush formulas on the marketpowdercream, cream-to-powder, gel or stain and mineral type of blush. Powder blushes are the most common type of blush. Powder blushes give a matte look. Some powder blushes come in flat, matte colors while others contain some shimmer for a semi-glowy look. Powder blushes have better pore coverage than gel blush because they contain common fillers like talc.

Powder blushes are great for setting your blush. They wear great alone too with decent lasting power. Powder formulations also absorb oil on oilier skin.

Cream blush are usually oil-based and are richer in texture. Some of them contain silicone oils which gives a powdery-feeling and adds lasting wear for users. Cream formulations provides more hydration to the cheeks and are great for people with dry skin. Anti-aging oils are an added perk for cream formulations. Oily-skin types should exercise caution with cream blushes. Do a patch test to see if you get more clogged pores with cream blush. If you have oily or acne prone skin, it’s better to stick to gel blushes as they are water-based.

Since skin adapts to climate changes, you should pay attention to the season and change blush formulas accordingly. Gel stains from Tarte, The Body Shop, StilaGivenchy works best for humid weather. Cream blushes are great for drier skin types as well as colder climates/seasons. Cream to powder blushes work just as as well.

Some cream to powder-blushes like Stila’s Custom Color Blush, Clinque Blushwear and Nars’ The Multiple Cream Blush has a cream consistency and applies like butter but gives a matte and opaque powder finish. Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Blush has incredible staying power. These are great and tend to last all day. For more tips on how to make your blush last longer, read this article. Cream to powder blushes usually grant high coverage for bigger pores. They are great for all seasons. Not to mention, the fun you’ll have using your fingers!

How to Choose Your Blush According to Your Skin Type 2

Gel cheek stains are water-based and best for oily skin types as they are low on the comedogenic scale. Gel types generally impart a translucent and very natural-looking flush as oppose to thicker opacity of powder or cream blushes. However, they may not last as long as cream and powder blushes.

Despite this, gel stains make a pretty decent cheek base. Gel cheek stains are also perfect for days when your don’t want to look too made up. If you put enough gel cheek stain, they can last but the color will eventually fade off as the day progresses. If that happens, you can touch up easily with powder blush. Use powder and a clean brush because touching your face with dirty fingers while you’re out and about is just asking for trouble!

Mineral blushes are great for all skin types, whether they are sensitive or normal. Mineral blushes may be in loose powder or pressed powder form. Quality mineral blushes do not contain talc; talc is a common mineral filler which is linked to lung cancer if inhale in large amounts. Some highly recommended talc-free mineral blushes are Physican’s Formula Talc-Free Mineral Blush and Ecco Bella Flowercolor blush.

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