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Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial: How to Look Tan Without Leaving Your House

I have very fair skin and it is a feature that I am normally happy with. However, during the warm, summer months, I start to feel pale next to the crowds of people with tan, glowing skin. Because of my fair skin, I can’t tan without turning red as MAC lipstick and peeling, so I have to create the illusion of sunkissed skin. This sunkissed skin tutorial will outline all the steps needed to create a faux glow!

Step 1

To begin, I applied a light tinted moisturizer with an SPF. Even though I’m trying to look tan, I still want to keep my skin safe from harmful UV rays! Then, I used concealer on any blemishes I had and in my under eye area. I also applied eyeshadow primer to my eyelids.

On top of the primer, I applied a skin-colored cream shadow from my lash line to eyebrow and in the inner corner of my eye. For this look, I like to use cream shadow on the bottom as the powder shadow tends to adhere to it, creating a more dramatic look.

Step 1 of Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial

Step 2

After I let the primer set for a few minutes, I used an eyeshadow brush to apply a bronze, shimmering powder shadow from lash line to crease. Then, I used a smaller, angled brush to apply a darker brown shadow. I swept this darker color along my crease, extending it slightly past my lash line.

Then, I applied the same shadow in a line from the outer corner of my eye to the point made at the crease. I then colored in the triangle shape so that the shadow formed a modified cat-eye.

Step 2 of Sunkissed Makeup

Step 3 Sunkissed Skin Makeup

Then, I also applied the darker shadow on my lower lash line, being careful not to get any in my eye.

How to Apply Shadow Under the Eye

Step 3

To finish up the eye makeup segment, I dipped an angled eyeliner brush into a dark brown cream shadow. For the sunkissed makeup tutorial, I like to use cream shadow instead of actual eye liner as it creates a smudgier look. I applied the cream shadow along both my upper and lower lash line. I then used a blending brush to blend the darker color in with the rest of the eye. I applied mascara to finish the look.

Finished Eye Makeup for Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial

Step 4

For the sunkissed makeup tutorial, I used ELF Golden Bronzer. This bronzer palette includes four different colors that can be mixed or used separately. When using bronzer, simply apply it to the places that would normally be touched by the sun: cheekbones, bridge of nose, jaw line, and forehead. Using a blush brush, I applied all four colors onto my cheekbones. To avoid looking burnt, I applied the lighter color on the bridge of my nose. I used the darker colors on my forehead and jaw line. Make sure to also blend the bronzer into your neck so that your face does not appear to be a different color than the rest of your body. To finish the look, I applied a nude colored lipstick.

Final Look for Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial

I hope that you enjoyed the Sunkissed Makeup Tutorial! Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Jessica May

Jessica May

Jessica May is a college student and blogger who is always looking for new ways to stand out in the crowd. She started experimenting with cosmetics at a young age and has continued to be passionate about the subject throughout the years.

Jessica May

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