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The Kirsten Stewart Makeup Tutorial

K-Stew always has a melancholic vibe going on.

Any Twilight fans out here? Team Jacob! Yeah! I’m not sure if Bella Swan wore makeup (probably not) but Kristen Stewart’s makeup look has been really popular especially if you want to achieve the “I’m rock n’ roll and boyish sometimes but still glam” look. The whole look is going to go well with Autumn! No Autumn here in the Philippines so I wear it when I go out with friends and when I attend events. Here’s how to do this super easy Kristen Stewart makeup look:

Step 1

lean your face before putting on makeup.

Always start with a clean and moisturized face. I already have my hair back and my moisturizer on so I’m ready to start.

Step 2

Apply foundation and concealer.

Now that you’re all fresh and clean, apply your foundation and concealer. I’m using a tinted moisturizer because foundations make me break out these days. Don’t forget to blend everything out. After this, you should skip setting (dusting powder all over your face). I’ll explain later.

Step 3

This will serve as our base for the eyeshadow.

The next step is eye color. I’m going to use my gel eyeliner as a base. Black works but you could change it up and go for a dark brown alternative. I’m going to do one eye at a time so the eyeshadow sticks better. Apply this all over your lids. Not too much though so we can control the color.

Step 4 and 5 and 6

These are the colors that we're going to use.

We’re going to use these colors. Anything will do of course but you’d have to stick to: Blacks, Grays and Browns. Take the darker brown and apply it on your crease, taking a little bit at a time, building the color up. Next, we’re going to set (make it dry) the black paint on our lid with the lighter brown.

It's simple once you take a look at the eye guide.

Also, don;t forget to blend.

Don’t forget to bring the color down to your lower lash line. What you do is you get a bit of the eyeliner/ paint pot and apply that on your lower lashes. Take a bit of the brown you used on your crease and smudge it on the eyeliner/ paint pot. Using a cotton swab works too!

Retouch the black on your outer V.

Don’t worry if your eye doesn’t look put together yet. It will. Now! We need to intensify your eyes more. Take just a little bit (I really do mean little!) of the black and then retouch your outter V with it, making sure that it’s not too dark.

Step 7

Once you’ve blended everything out it’s time to do your brows. Mine’s already thick and I didn’t want them to over power the whole look so I skipped this step. I just brushed them to make them look neater. If you have thin brows then, skipping this step is not an option.

Step 8

Repeat the process with the other eye.

Do the same with the other eye now. I started with just one eye so my eyeshadow sticks better. I didn’t want my base to dry. The eyeshadow won’t stick very well if I did both eyes at the same time.

Step 9 and 10

Are you anywhere close to the upper picture?

By now, with all your effort and skill, you should have something like this. Step 9 is basically to line your eyes. In most cases, I would do a wing but not today. Line your upper and lower lashline with a really black eyeliner.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Step 10 should complete the drama of your eyes. Are your eyes melancholic yet? Don’t be afraid to coat your upper lashes twice if you want but keep it simple at the bottom.

Step 11

Now, you can dust a bit of powder on your face.

Now you can dust a bit of powder all over your face. It will be helpful for cleaning up the unnecessary fall outs.

Step 12

Do the following: Blush, lipliner, lipstick

These three things will top-off the whole look. Take a peachy blush. Peach because K-Stew looks like she doesn’t have anything on so something subtle is better. You could skip lip liner but I like this color and it makes my lip look semi-matte. Take a pale lipstick and apply it on. It may look skin tone in the picture but it’s lighter in real life.

TADA! You’re done.

You’re eyes should look something like this:

Blending is the key to any great makeup look.

I hope you did pretty well and do you have any tutorial requests?

Good luck!

Good luck!

Mea Pabiona

Mea Pabiona

My name is Mea, a MewBlogger. In make-up, I believe in letting your creativity flow through your fingers and in never being afraid of color.

Mea Pabiona

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  1. Sue Lin
    Sue Lin
    September 7, 2012, 5:46 pm

    You rock this look really well, Mea! This is such a Fall-friendly look. What lipstick are you wearing? It’s such a lovely nude.

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    • Mea
      September 8, 2012, 2:25 am

      Hi Sue, it’s Loreal’s Color Riche lipstick in Sienna. Best moisturizing lipstick I have so far. 🙂

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